Find love on the go with AfroRomance Lite for mobiles

The search for love has become very simple. Just the thought of knowing you can log onto your computer, register on some online dating site and begin your search for love is pretty impressive. And that is mobile enough. Now I have always loved my dating site and the functionalities and the features that the site has to offer. And I have managed to make meaningful connections on the site. And much as all you need to access the site is to have your computer with you, to be honest, I don’t like carrying my laptop everywhere I go. So I only had the option of just logging on when at home or in the office.

Well, I know you want to ask me what kind of person lives in the 21st century and doesn’t have a mobile phone or a mobile phone that supports the internet browsing. Well I have all that. But for some reason, I found the whole viewing of the full dating site from my tiny piece of communication gadget and the whole scrolling to be quite cumbersome and somehow tiring. And lucky for me, introduced “AfroRomance Lite” applications for iPhones and Android supported phones that – as they put it – allows you to date interracially on the go. And ever since, my dating on the go has never been any simpler. The application is very easy to use and its layout on my iPhone is super AMAZING!!! Plus I used to have trouble uploading photos from my iPhone when accessing the full website from my phone browser but with the application, I was able to upload without a hitch.

Well, one may wonder why one would opt to use a “Lite” version of the website as some phone application over the full site on the phone browser. It’s all about simplicity. Currently I just met a guy I like on the site that I don’t want to miss even a single communication from him – plus its too soon for me to give him my personal contact information. So the application is superb for me. I get notifications of new messages from this new catch of mine. And just by tapping on some simply laid out tabs on my phone, I can reply to his messages and even get to check out the other men that have viewed my profile .

To be honest, this is by far the best thing has done: Simplifying my dating life even further. Did someone just send me a flirt? Gotta run.


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